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Those with thin, flyaway hair, however, need to use lower temperatures to avoid risking damage to hair or creating unwanted frizz. Some professionals even recommend treating your hair with a heat-protecting spray to avoid damage. Manufacturers claim this technology allows their dryers to create negative ions that break up the water molecules in your hair. Theoretically, this should allow ionic hair dryers to dry your hair more quickly and spread moisture more evenly throughout your hair for a better finish. Do the results back this up?

One of the easiest things to overlook when buying a hair dryer is how long the cable is.

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Unless you want to be stuck in the corner by a mains socket, choose a hair dryer with a suitably long cable. Otherwise, the only other major thing to look out for are accessories, such as different nozzles. Some models come with a concentrator nozzle , designed to make it easier to direct the airflow accurately on to a section of hair.

This is essential for the best results.

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Some hair dryers offer two nozzles — one for smoothing, which is slightly larger, or a thinner nozzle specifically for straightening and styling your hair. This is regarded by many as being essential for drying curly hair. It's not just for curly hair though, you can use a diffuser on the roots of straight hair to give it more volume. Not all dryers come with a diffuser in the box, however, and they can cost a fair bit extra if you want one specifically designed for your hair dryer. BaByliss has been synonymous with hairstyling since the s, but its Salon Light is packed with modern technology.

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BaByliss claims the motor provides twice the air pressure of conventional hair dryers, and despite its low price, the BaByliss Salon Light also has a ceramic heating element to keep temperatures under control. The results speak for themselves: hair is dry in minutes and free from frizz or heat damage. If drying speed is top of your list, the Salon Light fits the bill. It additionally has a decent cable length and a great selection of settings including three heat, three power and a cool shot.

The Dyson Supersonic is a radical re-imagining of the hair dryer — so much so that it looks more like a space-age microphone than a hair-care gadget. Other welcomed touches include magnetic concentrator and diffuser attachments that fit on, and can be removed, without too much force. These magnets also mean the attachments stay put while drying instead of turning and moving, like we've seen on other dryers namely the GHD Air.

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Other features include flexible speed and heat settings, and thermal sensors to prevent the unit, or attachments getting too hot. In June , Dyson launched a new range of attachments to join the nozzles and diffuser. This is perfect for fine or damaged hair, as the airflow and heat is more evenly distributed. Having used this attachment for more than a month, we have noticed a difference — not only to our daily style, but also the condition of our hair. Elsewhere, its new wide-tooth comb attachment is designed for curly or coily hair. It detangles the hair while drying to prevent damage and make it easier to style. The Supersonic creates smooth, shiny styles and dried our hair super-fast. This is the ultimate combination of quietness, speed and hair-drying finesse. The lengthy cable, non-slip mat and beautifully crafted leather case help seal the deal.

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Buy now from John Lewis. For a decent price, it comes with some great accessories and an impressive number of settings, including three heat and two power buttons. It ships with a slim nozzle for styling, a wide nozzle for fast drying, as well as a diffuser. Plus, its cable is long enough for even the largest of bedrooms. If you think a powerful hair dryer means you have to put up with a lot of noise, think again: the GHD Air generates a surprisingly quiet, yet powerful, blast of air that makes short work of even the thickest hair.

Below, we explain the key types of hair dryers, their pros and cons, and how to decide which is best for you. Already know the type of hair dryer you're after? Browse all the best hair dryers from our tests. If you aren't fussy about styling, and mostly just use your hair dryer for a quick blast, then a cheap, basic hair dryer will be perfect for your needs. Even the most basic hair dryers still have a choice of heat and air-flow settings, as well as a couple of attachments - usually a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser.

See below for more information about these attachments. If you invest in a professional-style hair dryer, you can expect more attachments and functions that will allow you to create a range of styles. As well as basic attachments, such as a concentrator nozzle and diffuser, a professional-style hair dryer should offer a good range of temperature and air-flow settings, including a 'cool shot' that reduces temperature rapidly and helps to set hair into a particular style. On top of the basics, a professional-style hair dryer may have ionic, ceramic or nourishing technology, touch control and a higher wattage.

It may also come with spares such as a replacement air inlet filter. Pros: More functions and attachments for creating different styles, greater power. The higher the wattage, the greater the heat the hair dryer will be able to produce and the quicker you'll be able to get your hair dry. For most people, a wattage between 1,W and 1,W will be fine. However, even cheap models these days can have a power of 2,W or more, and some professional models are as much as 3,W. If your hair is long, or you're doing some complicated styling, then you might be holding your hair dryer for a while.

Make sure you choose a model that won't have your arm aching after a couple of minutes. Lightweight models weigh in at around g. If the hair dryer is poorly balanced, it will feel heavier and be more awkward to hold. If you can, hold the hair dryer when you are in the shop and check whether it suits you. Each of our Which? Look for a hair dryer that is light enough to hold comfortably above your crown for a long time, so you can create the perfect straight style by blowing your hair dry, along its length, from the roots to the end.

An ionic function is good for leaving straight hair soft, shiny and smooth. Curly hair often looks its most defined if left to dry naturally. Search our ratings for a dryer that scores well on the low-heat setting. If you prefer to let your hair dry naturally, then give it a quick blast to add volume, look for a dryer that dries quickly on high settings. Using a diffuser is a good but slow way of getting voluminous curls. Choose a hair dryer with a very narrow concentrator nozzle, so you can dry your hair in sections without blowing it around too much.

Avoid overdrying your hair, and choose a hair dryer that gives you the option to dry it slowly and carefully. An ionic function is good for leaving hair shiny and smooth. Choose a hair dryer with a narrow concentrator nozzle to add lift at the roots, which gives hair the appearance of volume. Drying your hair at a lower temperature is best for fine hair, as it is more vulnerable to breaking than coarser hair. Heat causes damage, as it removes moisture from the hair, and the higher the heat, the more moisture is removed.

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  • If possible, dry your hair on low heat and speed settings, and avoid holding the hairdryer against your hair. Ceramic technology: this is designed to add shine while protecting hair from frizz and damage. Concentrator nozzle: a narrow attachment that comes as standard. This nozzle concentrates both air flow and heat. Direct it towards hair roots to add volume, but move it frequently to avoid damage. Some air flows feel too hot with a concentrator nozzle, so you might need to use a lower heat. Cool shot: cool hair holds its shape better, so use this feature to rapidly reduce the air temperature and set your hairstyle.

    Most cool-shot buttons need to be pushed continuously to operate, and some can be a bit stiff. Diffuser: the prongs on a diffuser hold up sections of your hair in order to add volume to the roots.

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    • They also reduce the ferocity of the air flow, which gives definition to curls. It takes longer to dry your hair using a diffuser, which can make them a bit time consuming for everyday use. Hanging loop: a loop at the top of the power cable that is useful for hanging a dryer out of harm's way while it cools. Nourishing technology: oils are infused into the hair dryer with the aim of combating flyaway or frizzy hair.

      Power cord: look for a long cord if you like to hold your hair dryer up to a mirror as you style. Power cords range from less than two metres to more than three metres. Never wind the cable around your hair dryer for storage, as this can damage the internal wiring and create a fire risk.

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