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The Sky Q box allows you to watch up to three channels and record a fourth live via the main box and mini-boxes around the home, pause and rewind live TV, watch on the go on mobile devices and get easy access to catch-up and on demand content around your house. The standard 1TB Sky Q box is provided as standard and allows you to record up to hours of television.

It also allows you to record more channels and comes with a slightly more high-end touch control remote.

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This cost can be reduced significantly if you opt for Sky multi-room. You can switch between room and pick up where you left off or simply watch one show in one room while the kids watch another somewhere else. You can access the whole world of Sky entertainment on the Sky Go app and online at no extra cost. Sky Go — Launched in , Sky Go allows Sky subscribers to watch the content they want via whatever device is most convenient, including smartphones, computers, tablets , Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Not all of Sky's programming is available via the Sky Go on demand service, but plenty of TV shows and sports highlights are, and it's all free for subscribers to access. The snag is that whatever you watch will be available only for a short period of time, and there's no chance of saving it to watch later, but regardless of this, Sky Go is a handy tool for watching content on the move. Now that Sky have reorganised their sporting channels, buyers have many more options when sorting out their football, golf, F1, or cricket-watching purchases. Sky's main sport package involves signing up for Sky TV, which means getting hold of a Sky Q Box, and choosing a bundle from their current selections then adding Sky Sport channels on top of that with an extra monthly charge.

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It's not the cheapest way to watch sport, and it's not particularly focused, but it does provide access to other channels for family members who aren't crazy about sport, and it sorts everything out in one package, so it's pretty convenient. When you start a standard package, you can also sign up for the Sky Sport channels you want. In this case, customers can go for packages with one, two or three channels from the selection of Sky Sport channels like Cricket, Football, Main Event, F1 or Golf , and prices rise slightly depending on how many channels you add.

In all cases, you'll need to sign up for an month Sky contract as part of the deal, so be aware that these offers lock buyers in for the duration, potentially resulting in higher costs by the time the contract ends.

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That's why many people are choosing other ways to purchase Sky Sport access. NOW TV is probably the most popular of all. Being affiliated with Sky, NOW can offer day, week or month passes for selected Sky channels, letting you sign up for specific football matches or F1 races but avoiding the need for long-term contracts. All you need is the NOW TV box, which can be ordered from their own website , providing the most flexible way to access the sports you love. However, if you know you'll be watching football week in, week out, NOW TV isn't necessarily the cheapest option. Their passes are great value for the odd event, but costs rack up if you find yourself using them regularly.

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Sky Broadband provides a simple way to get up and running on the internet while linking together all of your devices with digital entertainment services, so it's a great option for families with diverse viewing and web-browsing habits. Sky Broadband Unlimited — The most basic package, and easily the cheapest, Broadband Unlimited offers a reliable internet connection with a low introductory rate for 12 months then a higher rate for the rest of the contract which is something to be aware of. Along with web access, you'll get access to Sky Talk, their landline service.

All connections come with a small connection fee as well, but with the Unlimited package, this is minimal.

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Sky Fibre — Fibre ups the ante considerably, offering download speeds that are three times as fast as Broadband Unlimited and raising the price as well but not by nearly as much. The catch is that the basic Fibre package comes with a 25GB data allowance, and you'll need to pay more if you go over that limit, which can be a hidden cost for some data-intensive users or just people who want to use their internet connection to watch Sky content. Sky Fibre Unlimited — As the name hints, Fibre Unlimited does away with the download limit but offers the same faster download rates.

As with Sky Fibre, it comes with a steep connection fee around six times as much as the fee for Broadband Unlimited , but it's a great package for TV and movie viewers, with its slick speeds and lack of limits. There are no download limits, but with a price tag over double that of the cheapest package, users will want to think hard about whether these perks are worthwhile.

Regardless of which package you opt for, all Sky internet services come with Sky Talk as well as the Q Box which lets you access TV and on demand entertainment as well as extra security options like Talk Shield to screen out nuisance callers and Broadband Shield to ward off viruses and malware. Which option you go for will depend on what you need to use your internet connection for. If you just need a basic connection for online shopping, reading the news, checking Facebook and sending emails, then the slowest, cheapest subscription will be more than sufficient. But if you want to take advantage of Sky's mixture of high-speed internet and entertainment programming, one of the Fibre options is essential.

Fibre Max is attractive, if expensive, but it's worth noting that Sky offer a month-long guarantee. If Fibre Max doesn't live up to its superfast billing, you can get your money back — kind of like a free trial period. Along with high-speed internet, Sky also offer mobile services that are tailored for entertainment and sports consumers.

If you use your phone heavily for watching TV shows, movies or sport, there won't be many better companies offering a new contract. Sky Mobile offers several selling points. For one thing, they make it easy to swap your handset when a new model becomes available. Their Swap12 contracts include the option of receiving the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy when they become available, often at rates far cheaper than buying the handset separately.

Their data services are also pretty innovative. This probably reflects their desire to get customers using Sky's streaming services, but has plenty of advantageous side effects for all customers. As with many networks, Sky's mobile packages come with generous free texts and calls as enticements to sign up, so shop around for current deals, and they can also be customised in many ways alowing you to fine-tune the minutes, data and calls attached to your contract. But as we noted before, the real strength of Sky Mobile lies in the way it relates to Sky's other services.

With Sync, you can schedule shows on your phone to watch at your leisure. They can be watched via streams or downloaded too, and all without exhausting your data allowance. Not many mobile providers can match that kind of entertainment feature. Of course, not all mobile users buy their handsets and packages based on TV or sport viewing.

But if you are that kind of customer, Sky Mobile are worth checking out. However, if you're not, be careful. As with all networks, Sky offer some great value contracts and some that don't measure up. Although the vast majority of the mobile deals you'll come across at HotUKDeals are a cut above the rest, it always pays to calculate the total contract cost when signing up, as it's easy to end up out of pocket.

If you want to try your luck on the football results, you feel like some Vegas-style gaming or you want to play a few rounds of bingo, Sky Bet is the place to be. Signing up is fairly simple, but as usual with online gambling sites, you'll have to pass through a few verification and identification hoops before you can start wagering. When you're in, the cost of gambling with Sky Bet can be cut if you know the ropes. Like its competitors, Sky Bet offer regular free bet discounts for customers to enjoy, and surprisingly few patrons actually bother to take them up which is one reason such companies continue to offer them.

That's extra baffling, as finding these deals isn't hard. It's actually worth doing this before you even sign up with the service as it's an even bet, so to speak, that you'll come across introductory deals for new members. If you want to access weekly free bets, joining the Sky Bet Club is also a great idea. As long as you don't get too carried away, it's an excellent way to place a couple of Premier League bets or back a few horses, saving money in the process.

We've already touched on NOW TV as an alternative way to access Sky's entertainment services, but what about other options? One thing to bear in mind is that Sky Broadband isn't the only service which lets you hook up with Sky's channels. If you are combining high speed web access with a landline and sport subscriptions, their offers are well worth checking out.

So don't limit yourself to Sky alone. Signing up for Sky's entertainment, internet, mobile or betting services doesn't have to be as expensive as you might think. You'll find the latest money off deals from Sky themselves, with introductory discounts and generous subscription packages as well as passes from NOW TV. If you are looking for a pass to watch a big game, you'll be likely to find one at the HotUKDeals Sky listings. The same applies to broadband, bets and mobile contracts. Everything that Sky sells is regularly available for much less than the listed prices.